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The Day School...

The Day School sponsored by The Brian Muha Foundation opened in September 2020. We are purposely a "small school" where we took only 10 students that first year. Most of our classes were at The Run The Race Farm where the children could learn outside.

Our second year started on September 8, 2021 with a cap of 15 students - but now we have 18. The students are all thriving.


The Day School is free of charge and we have classes at The Center and at The Run The Race Farm (we provide transportation). 


Many Fridays at The Farm are Fridays With The Horses where the children learn to take care of and ride horses, learn math and science through the study of horses, learn history and geography too, all while being out in the country. 


Our third school year will start in September, 2022. We will take 5 more students ages 5 years to 11 years. 


For more information please write to:

Emily Kraker - Volunteer Teacher.jpeg
Liz Koehler - Volunteer Teacher.jpeg

Liz Koehler

Emily Kraker

Eri Mansfield (middle)Volunteer Teacher.jpeg

Eri Mansfield

Pam and Frank Heil - Volunteer Teachers.jpeg

Pam Heil

Fran O' Brien - Volunteer Teacher.png

Fran O'Brien

Kathy Snyder.jpeg
Susan Pigott - Volunteer Teacher.png

Kathy Snyder

Susan Pigott

Dawn Campagni, Volunteer Teacher.jpeg

Dawn Campagni

Nancy Drought - Volunteer Art Teacher.png
Jean Supron - Volunteer Teacher.jpeg

Nancy Drought

Jean Supron

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 2.01.36 PM.png

Collette Davis

Dan Meeks - Mentor and Volunteer Teacher.jpeg

Dan Meeks

Tim and Jeanne Dooley - Volunteers.jpeg

Tim & Jeanne Dooley

Joanie Ganobsik - Volunteer Teacher.png

Joanie Ganobsik

Join Our Day School

Providing nurturing and support to our community’s youth. All of our programs are designed with their best interests in mind. We present our youth with the skills they need to thrive in society. From our Fundraising Opportunities to our Volunteering, we have a variety of programs that are available to all.

Complete our application here


Comments from parents of our students:


"I think you all did an amazing job with my son last year. I know he enjoyed going to school at the Farm whereas in "regular" school he wanted to stay home most days." 


"All of the activities kept his little mind very busy and intrigued. I love that he learned so much while still able to be a kid."


"The school is amazing and this chance that the kids have is amazing. I am so grateful to everyone who does what they do to make it possible for our kids to be a part of Run The Race and The Brian Muha Foundation."


"I am so happy to have my kids going to school with you all. Amazing work."


"My boys love coming to your school."

RTR Dec. 2019.JPG

Meet Our Team...

Daniel Houston.jpeg

Daniel Houston

Cassie Taylor.jpeg

Cassie Taylor

Wayne Anderson - Co-Worker.jpeg

Wayne Anderson

Andrea Wood - Volunteer Teacher.jpeg

Andrea Wood

Annamarie Wagner.jpeg

Annamarie Wagner

Janet Jenkins - Volunteer Teacher.jpeg

Janet Jenkins

Chuck Kaminski- Day School Volunteer Teacher.png

Chuck Kaminski

Lori Valachovic - Day School Volunteer Teacher.png

Lori Valachovic

Rachel Wagner - Day School Volunteer.png

Rachel Wagner

Matthew Snyder - Day School Volunteer.png

Matthew Snyder

Trish Ciesinski - Day School Volunteer.png

Trish Ciesinski

Betsy Sidor - Day School Volunteer.png

Betsy Sidor 

Kevin O'Brien - Day School Volunteer.png

Kevin O'Brien

Jennifer Mulligan - Day School Volunteer.png

Jennifer Mulligan

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