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The First Year of The Country School

In addition to teaching academics every day - phonics, reading, comprehension, writing (printing and cursive), math and telling time; brain puzzles; georgraphy, science, Bible Study, history, story-telling, academic games (Jeopardy, KaHoots, etc.) we have had these projects and events:

1.Woodworking: wooden chimes; model vehicles; full size teepee; model homes; "strength" projects; speaker for cell phone; string art

2. Science: Adopt-A-Tree on the Farm: name it, study bark and leaves, look for critters living in or on the tree, changes over the seasons; Caterpillars to butterflies; vegetable plants from seeds. Mento/Coke demonstration; Water experiments; what lives in the creeks: crayfish, tadpoles, toads, frogs, snakes, cicadia and more; study of the heart, eye and brain; cooking experiments

3. Sewing: Learn to sew: stuffed animal/toy; sequence pillows; Tic Tac Toe pouches

4. Knitting: round looms - hat making

5. Art: many projects: how to draw; portraits, ornaments and more

6. Physical Ed: Cross-country exercises and races once a week; kick-ball, flag football; basketball; pickle ball; exercises

7. Music: ukulele, horns, drums; marching band

8. Field trips every Friday: zoo, history museums, airport, Tae Kwon Do; roller skating; trampoline park; Big Darby Creek; Holton Park

9. Parties: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick; Birthdays; End of School Year; Graduation

10. Visits: Matt Barnes, Ch. 4 news anchor; Troy Balderson, United States Representative and Bishop Robert Brennan, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Columbus.


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